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An MRI can be helpful to see the cartilage and ligaments that form the TFCC. Many doctors will inject the area for two reasons. First, to identify the source of the pain confirm the TFCC tear is causing the symptoms; and second, to deliver medications to the area for treatment. Ulnar-side wrist pain can be caused by injury to the various tissues found between the radiocarpal joint and distal radioulnar joint. The term triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC is used to describe a complex of fibrocartilage and ligamentous tissue located on that lateral aspect of the wrist Nakamura, Yabe & Horiuchi., 1996. Pain that gets worse with simple gripping and rotation movements opening a door or using a can opener It normally does not swell. Clicking, snapping, or crackling crepitus These are not present in all patients with TFCC tears. Pain weight-bearing activities. Feeling of instability; TFCC tears don’t cause loss of motion or swell. Because the wrist “assembly” is so complex with many moving parts, diagnosing and treating injuries to the wrist can be challenging. TFCC is just one component among a group of “hand-wrist assemblies” that, when injured or worn thin, contribute to “ulnar sided” wrist pain, or pain on the side of the hand and wrist near the pinky finger. The TFCC ligaments keep the wrist joint stable. Sprained or torn TFCC ligaments can cause pain. Your physical therapist will work with you to design a specific TFCC tear treatment program that will speed your recovery, including exercises and treatments that you can do at home.

relief of pain after either repair or debridement. For chronic tears, ulnar shortening gives similar pain relief compared to a combined arthroscopic TFCC debridement with partial ulnar head resection, with about 70-90% of patients having a good-excellent result. Key points TFCC tears can be acute or chronic. 17/12/2017 · "Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present stretches and exercises for the TFCC tear/repair Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex- A type of Wrist Pain. He continues to have symptoms of recurrent ulnar-sided wrist pain that impairs his ability to work. An MRI is performed and shows a triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC injury. Which of the following is an indication to combine a Wafer procedure with arthroscopic TFCC debridement? Review Topic. TFCC injuries in children and adolescents occur more often after an ulnar styloid fracture that doesn’t heal. Power drill injuries can also cause triangular fibrocartilage complex rupture when the drill binds and the wrist rotates instead of the drill bit. Triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC tears can also occur with degenerative changes.

Figure 7 – TFCC Location. Dislocated Finger. Tearing of connective tissue surrounding one of the finger joints with subsequent displacement and separation of the bones forming the joint so the joint surfaces are no longer situated next to each other i.e. the finger often appears deformed. The triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC is a complex anatomic and biomechanical structure. Injury to the TFCC is a recognized cause of ulnar wrist pain. The TFCC may be injured in its horizontal portion, in its peripheral portions, or at its attachments. In the Palmer classification, TFCC lesions are categorized as traumatic or degenerative.

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